Jun 6, 2014 7:14 PM by Zach Thaxton

Out-of-date GPS plagues I-25/North Gate drivers

Outdated GPS maps are causing problems for some drivers at the recently redesigned interchange at I-25 and North Gate Boulevard in Colorado Springs.  The Colorado Department of Transportation says several drivers have recently tried to get off on now-defunct offramps, heading past road closures and straight into construction zones.

CDOT says it's not necessarily the drivers' fault.  "I think their GPS is out-of-date and they are literally driving off the pavement and onto the newly-seeded and grassed area," said Wayne Pittman, a CDOT Project Engineer.

The interchange which used to feature corkscrew offramps now features more standard offramps which lead to roundabouts east and west of the interstate.  However, mobile GPS devices and online mapping software like Google Maps still show the now defunct offramps as being in-service, confusing some drivers, especially during nighttime lane closures during I-25 paving and construction.

"Rather than go up to the next interchange and turn around safely, they're diving off, ignoring the 'Road Closed' sign, and they're just coming around on the dirt," Pittman said.  It's a dangerous move because the former ramp coils southward toward directly oncoming construction equipment heading northbound.

It can also be a costly mistake.  Colorado State Patrol says drivers who end up driving onto the former offramps can face fines up to $223.50 and have 4 points assessed on their driving record.


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