Jan 30, 2014 6:48 PM by Matt Prichard

'Open Carry' laws could change for local parks

Based on 2004 county park rules citizens can't carry a gun out in the open, but several complaints are beginning to turn the tide. 

"Some citizens have come and said, well, why is this regulation in place to begin with?! As a result of that county staff has begun to review it. We're planning to go to the parks board, perhaps as early as February and ask them to review this particular regulation," said El Paso County spokesman, Dave Rose.

Until a decision is made however, the El Paso County Sheriff's Office says they'll be continuing enforcement of those laws until they change.

"As the sheriff's office we're going to make sure we're enforcing the laws on the book. So certainly the way they currently read with firearms being prohibited, if we were to get a call about someone in possession of a firearm in those areas, we're certainly going to respond and investigate that very fully," said Lt. Jeff Kramer of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office.

Regardless those with the county say they're number one priority is creating rules and regulations that benefit locals. And that's why reviewing this one is crucial. 

"The county commissioners have made it clear that they don't want regulations that don't make sense, or appear to be arbitrary or are unnecessarily restricting citizens activities," said Rose.

Ultimately it will be up to county commissioners to decide if the current law stays on the books or not.



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