Oct 6, 2012 11:31 PM by Siera Santos,

One in five female veterans unemployed

The number of unemployed post-9/11 veterans as a whole is down as of last month, but there's a vast disparity between men and women.

New numbers show that one in five, or roughly 20 percent, of female veterans are unemployed. That statistic specifically reflects those women who have served during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

A few theories explain the trend. Some of them suggest that because more civilian women are getting college degrees, it's creating a more competitive workforce. Others say that it's the way female vets are perceived.

"Especially for a female veteran, she can be viewed as a bit of an oddity," says Dennis McCormack, a volunteer with the veteran organization Home Front Cares.

"She's competing with a very large group of very talented, very well-educated females that haven't have the same type of experiences that she has."

For those veterans looking for work, McCormack recommends seeking a mentor in the work force. A new website also launched over the summer geared toward job-seeking veterans in Colorado.

Visit to post resumes and view job listings.


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