Apr 5, 2011 7:31 PM by Stephanie Collins

One day without shoes; hundreds go barefoot

Think about what you do and where you go everyday, now think about doing it without shoes. International shoe maker "TOMS shoes" asked people to go without shoes today, to raise awareness about the billions of people around the world that are forced to go bare foot.

Employees at Compassion International in Colorado Springs were just some that participated, "Were just trying to bring awareness to the reality of children in the world that have to go barefoot," explained employee Bob Thorp.

TOMS Shoes will give one pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you buy. Compassion President Wess Stafford grew up in a village in West Africa, he had friends that couldn't afford footwear and knows how important it can be, "I saw first hand as a little boy what no shoes can do to children in a really harsh setting," he says.

From injuries to infections, it's not just dangerous to walk around without shoes, "One of the reasons why shoes matter to us is that many countries in the world, even though they're poor countries, have a rule that shoes are required to go to school," explains Stafford. He went on to say that without an education it's very hard for anyone to get out of poverty, "I guess you could argue that at the very root of it all, is putting shoes on children's feet."

It was a fun day for employees at Compassion International, for a serious cause. TOMS Shoes reports that they've given away more than a million pairs of shoes to children in need. Click here to find out more about what they do.



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