Dec 16, 2013 5:23 PM by David Randall

Oldest veterans meet

AUSTIN, Texas - It's not unusual when two war veterans get together to chat about old times. But it is a historic event when both are 107 years old.

The two had never met before, but they've been sort of like brothers their whole life, united by history. Elmer Hill from Henderson, Texas, and Austin's Richard Overton, are the oldest known surviving World War II veterans.

The two soldiers fought in the South Pacific on same battlefield more than 70 years ago.

"Some things in the Army, what you went through, you would never forget," Overton said. "There's so much to tell. There's too much to tell, you can't tell it all."

Overton recently met President Obama on a trip to Washington. His new friend will be leaving to meet the president Saturday.

"We had to explain (to Hill) that they were the same age," said Audrey Young, Hill's daughter. "So dad laughs and he says, 'All I know is that I'm supposed to go meet an old man.'"

His son said his father has always been an example to live up to.

"He has been my rock," said Ray Hill. "He has been my hero."

On Friday, the two men may have just treated the afternoon as a chance to trade old war stories, but for everyone else, it was the chance to experience something unique.



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