Nov 6, 2011 2:06 PM by Matt Stafford

Occupy Pueblo movement continuing through the weekend

As the deadline approaches on an overnight public permit for the Occupy Pueblo movement, protestors are continuing to get out their message.

Pueblo Police Chief Luis Velez gave the protestors a 24-hour permit on Saturday; it expires Sunday at 2 p.m.

Protestors say people came and went all night; as many as 12 people utilized the permit. After it expires the plan is to keep the protest going, but while paying attention to local laws. They say people will be in the Sister Cities Plaza until curfew - that's at 10 p.m. After that, some protestors say they'll move to the sidewalks and keep moving around so they won't be violating any local laws.

The protestors say their relationship with Pueblo Police has been a good one.

"(We're) Gaining that rapport, or working towards getting that rapport with them. Respecting them and them respecting us, and what we're trying to do here; that will help the community as a whole in getting the message out there," says Brian Brewer, one of three Occupy Pueblo protesters who spoke with News 5 Sunday morning after camping.

Protestors say the conversation with police about getting a continuous permit is on-going.

In the mean time, the Occupy protestors have been getting some support locally; businesses and individuals have brought out food to keep them going.

For more on the Pueblo Occupy movement, click here.


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