Nov 6, 2011 10:10 PM by Trovette Tottress

'Occupy' Colorado Springs protester speaks out after arrest

Today Jack Semple is a free man. On Saturday he and a friend, Amber Hagen, decided to set up camps in Acacia Park. But they did not have permits.

When police told them to take down their camps, Jack and Amber refused and instead duck-taped themselves to their tents. The two were arrested.

"Some officers came along and ceased our property , seized our signs and our tents without a warrant without probable cause and I feel like my rights have been transgressed against terribly", said Jack Semple.

Jack says he wasn't trying to cause any trouble.

"We the people were assembling peacefully to address a grievance with our government as provided in the first amendment. We were exercising our right to free speech", said Jack Semple.

Colorado Springs Police say they're not singling out any particular group.

"Our goal is not necessary to offend anyone's civil right, but in fact, its to maintain order", said Carrie Graves.

Instead they say its about the balance between when one individual's rights infringes upon others.

"The park situation is city property. Its used by other citizens and if there were the ability by ordinance for anyone to come down and set up tents for any reason whatsoever, you can imagine that could create a lot of issues", said Lt. Carrie Semple.

Jack says his arrest will not deter him from his cause.

"We're all trying to make the world better. We all are trying to find a better way for human beings to exsist. and to come together in harmony. And we have different ways of going about doing that", said Jack Semple.

And he says, if given the opportunity to do it all over again he will.

"Absolutely, if it means standing up for the constitution someone has to do it", said Jack Semple.

There is a debate as to whether or not Semple and Hagen are a part of "Occupy" Colorado Springs. They say they are while some group members downtown say they are not affiliated.


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