Nov 7, 2011 9:28 PM by Trovette Tottress

Occupy Colorado Springs participants clash

It's a growing battle, between who is and who is not a part of Occupy Colorado Springs. On Saturday, two people were arrested after refusing to take down their tents in Acacia Park. The incident sparked internal controversy.

"I don't think that's for one person to define who is or who is not necessary a part of our movement", said Ryan Butler.

Ryan Butler said he applauds the arrests.

"They are standing in line with Occupy in the fact that the Occupy movement globally are setting up tents. They aren't getting permission for permits. They're just defending their constitutional rights to do so", said Ryan Butler.

But Liaison for Occupy Colorado Springs, Jason Warf says the issue isn't just about the First Amendment.

"Of course we support the First Amendment right. I mean everyone in this movement I think supports going back to the constitution. But at the same time that's just one issue amongst hundreds that need to be corrected", said Jason Warf.

Warf said getting arrested is not what the movement is about.

"Unfortunately I think that they're fighting a battle that we fought three weeks ago. We faced the threat of arrest every night for about a week. I think what we're doing now is moving past that", said Jason Warf

Ryan believes they're fighting for something bigger.

"Malcom X, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, they all made revolutionary decisions that went against the grain of what people thought was right and wrong. But because what they did, they made a real change", said Ryan Butler.

Protesters caught in the middle say the infighting is disappointing.

"If we can't express solidarity with each other, then why would others want to join us to express solidarity with the world", said Amanda Ward.

It's a question only Occupy participants can answer.



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