Aug 12, 2014 1:15 PM by Lena Howland

Not enough parking at the new Pueblo judicial building?

Nearby business owners are concerned about a lack of parking at Pueblo County's new judicial building.

It opened its doors last Tuesday with a total of 160 paved parking spots.

To keep up the amount of employees working in the courtroom along with the amount of people going in and out of the courtroom each day, they need more like 500-1000 total parking spots.

People heading into court have been taking advantage of street parking and parking at nearby shopping centers.

Pueblo Bearing Services, separated by only Elizabeth Road from the new building, has spent a combined total of nearly $5000 on parking enforcement. This includes ordering and hanging specialized signs clearly stating that parking is reserved for customers only and violators will be towed.

The owner tells us they've had to tow 20 cars since the grand opening of this building one week ago.

News 5 is investigating and will have more information throughout the day.



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