Oct 29, 2012 11:01 PM by Andy Koen

Northcom in 'Kung-Fu posture' to respond as hurricane hits

COLORADO SPRINGS - Commanders at NORAD and US Northern Command have been keeping a careful watch of news and weather reports as Hurricane Sandy washes across the East Coast. Over the past week they have been putting the right people in place to respond quickly if they should be called upon.

CAPT Jeff Davis, a commander with US Northcom says their mission is really to be the last line of defense. Generally speaking, local police and fire departments will be called first followed by National Guard forces at the request of the individual state governors. Nevertheless, Davis they are ready to send in the troops at a moment's notice.

"We are in essentially a Kung-Fu posture, ensuring that we're ready to respond quickly if needed.," he sad. "This means helicopters: heavy-lift helicopters, medium-lift helicopters, it means search and rescue crews, parajumpers, everything that you could image that could be brought to bear very quickly."

Sandy is to blame for canceling two flights at the Colorado Springs Airport. A United Airlines Flight headed for Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. was canceled Monday morning. That same flight back home was also canceled as a result.

The Fountain Fire Department sent paramedic John Mira to Atlanta on Sunday where he joined a team of volunteers from American Medical Response who were driving into the storm zone. The trial of local soldier Roderick Elam had to be rescheduled for January after the prosecutor in the case became stranded in Philadelphia.


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