Sep 7, 2012 11:56 AM by Lauren Molenburg

No, really: Government warns of zombie apocalypse

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Homeland Security Department says "The zombies are coming."

The federal government, tongue firmly in cheek, is urging citizens to start preparing for a "zombie apocalypse." It's all part of a public health campaign to get people ready for genuine disasters and emergencies.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency figures if people are ready for a zombie attack, they'll be ready for a real disaster.

Among the government's recommendations are having an emergency evacuation plan and a change of clothes, plus keeping on hand fresh water, extra medications and emergency flashlights.

A few of the government's suggestions tracked closely with some of the 33 rules for dealing with zombies popularized in the 2009 movie "Zombieland," which included "always carry a change of underwear" and "when in doubt, know your way out."

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