Aug 17, 2010 5:07 PM by Jordan Mason

No goat is safe with this family of rodeo kids

"Ride her like you stole her!"

Welcome to the Singleton family ranch in Southwest Pueblo, where four renowned rodeo kids saddle up.

Meet 14-year old Courtney, her sister, 12-year old Kelsey, ten-year old brother Trevor, and the smallest of the bunch, their six-year old cousin Taylor.

Taylor shows us her pole bending skills.

"You weave through them back and you run home really fast," said Taylor.

And boy is she fast, going slalom-style through those poles and all the way back.

"I just practice and practice and practice," said Taylor

How about some team roping? Brother and sister style.

"That's where two people are mounted on a horse," said Trevor. "One's in the left-hand box and one's in the right-hand box."

They've got the head.

"You want to swing it so you rope the right horn first," said Kelsey. "And then you want to follow through to that and follow to the left horn."

And there are the feet. They've roped that calf.

And the Singleton family rodeo wouldn't be complete without some goat tying.

"You have to flank a goat and tie three legs with a string," said Courtney.

Watch Courtney gift-wrap that goat. That's a Singleton family record!

And that's enough rodeo for one day. Time to polish those belt buckles.

"This is just half of them," said Courtney. "Yeah, this is just the nicer ones," said Kelsey.

All those belt buckles and the saddles you saw are actually awards that those kids have won at Little Britches and other rodeos.

The oldest girl, Courtney, is actually ranked sixth in the world in goat tying.

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