Jan 18, 2010 12:14 PM by Jamie Smith

Nintendo teams up with Netflix to offer movies on Wii

Soon, when you're watching a movie at home, you won't have to reach for your remote to adjust something. You'll be able to reach for your "Wii"-mote.

Netflix, striking a new deal with Nintendo to stream movies live from your Wii. "They can stream movies, as many as they want, no additional fees," says Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

Hasings says, "We wanna be on all the devices in the living room. You can go from playing Wii golf to choosing movies. It's just great."

Netflix already has 11 million subscribers. It will, come spring, have access to 26 million wii households. That will surely boost its bottom line and Hastings says some of that money will be used to expand its streaming library of movies.

"We are able to invest in that streaming. We're building our streaming library. You click and you watch," says Hastings

Or play. Either way, it's more entertainment from the comfort of your home.



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