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Jul 8, 2014 1:29 PM by Meteorologist Valerie Abati

Nice Cool Down Today, But It Won't Last

We woke up to a cool, cloudy day this morning, many enjoying the refreshing air!  But the cooler temps won't last long, so enjoy them while you can.  Open the windows, turn off the A/C, and save some $$$!

Today will be mostly clouds, but this afternoon there will be some sun breaks.  This will come with some clearing to our east.  However, it won't last too long.  Much of the day will be dominated by clouds - especially near the I-25 corridor and higher elevations.  As for temperatures, we're much cooler today.  Highs will stay in the mid 70s for Springs, 60s for higher elevations, and low 80s for Pueblo.  This is a 20 degree temperature drop from yesterday.  Not to mention that we'll see some showers this afternoon as well.

By Wednesday we're back to normal.  This means highs will climb back into the 80s and 90; the sun will return; and we'll have the chance for some pop-up afternoon storms.  This all occurs as the cold front from Tuesday, bounces back up to the north as a warm front.

As we get farther behind the warm front, temperatures will continue to go up.  This means we're back close to 90 for Springs, and upper 90s for Pueblo the rest of the week.  We will see some pop-up storms, but nothing too widespread.  We'll have to wait until Sunday before we see more widespread rain.  

Enjoy the cool down... Meteorologist Valerie Abati.

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