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May 9, 2014 1:38 AM by Eric Ross

News 5 Investigates: Parole board member resigns following missing money allegations

The public criticized Dr. Anthony P. Young last year for granting Evan Ebel parole just months before going on a shooting rampage.

Ebel reportedly killed Department of Corrections Chief Tom Clements along with a pizza delivery driver from Golden. Ebel was never charged with the shooting deaths because he died in a shootout with authorities in Texas.

Doctor Young chaired the parole board that allowed Ebel's early release. Now, we've learned he resigned from the parole board in the midst of a new scandal Dr. Young calls fictitious.

This issue involves missing money at the Black American West Museum in Denver, where Young also served as board chairman. The moment allegations surfaced that Dr. Young may have pocketed thousands of dollars which are still unaccounted for, the State launched its own investigation and asked Dr. Young to resign.

News 5 asked Doctor Young, "Where's the money?"

"Any funds which came into the museum were used to pay salaries and bills," Young said.

We continued asking where the money had gone, but Young preferred that we change the subject matter.

Naomi Mills, a former museum employee brought these allegations into the spotlight. As part of a court order, part of her wages were garnished to pay off an outstanding debt.

Records Mills provided to News 5 showed money being taken out of her paychecks, but the finance company was not receiving all the money they were owed.

"Every two weeks about $300 was coming out of my checks," Mills said.

Dr. Young admitted to having access and managing the museum's finances, but denies that any money was missing or mishandled.

The State's investigation into the matter led to Dr. Young's resignation from the parole board, although no criminal charges have been filed.

In a statement emailed to News 5, the Governor's Office writes:

"We became aware in early February of issues related to Dr. Young's work at the Black American West Museum. Kevin Patterson, a deputy chief of staff, met with Dr. Young to discuss those issues and ultimately asked Dr. Young to resign from his position on the Parole Board, and he did so. There is nothing more about the issues we can talk about given this is a personnel matter."

News 5 asked Naomi, "Where do you think the money went?"

"I have no idea," Mills said. "I know where it didn't go."

We continued asking Dr. Young questions regarding Mills' wages.

"The fingers point at me because I was chairman of the board," Young replied. "As chairman of the board, the fingers would point at me."

Dr. Young says the board did look into Mills' claims that money was not being sent to the finance company. However, he declined to comment further.

Young also admitted the museum was financially upside down, and has been for the past several years. According to tax filings, in 2011, the museum took in roughly $40,000 in revenue, but expenses exceeded $52,000. Tax filings for 2012 and 2013 were not available online during the time of this broadcast.

We also asked Young why he decided to resign from the parole board despite allegations that had nothing to do with his work with the criminal justice system.

"I felt it was best to step down," Young said. "It also will avoid any embarrassment to Governor Hickenlooper."

Young also said that his volunteer work and work on the parole board was too much to handle and that his schedules did not align.

Young stands by his statements that he's done nothing wrong. However, we've learned he has also resigned from the museum's board.

Files involving personnel matters do not fall under the Colorado Open Records Act, meaning no further information will be released surrounding the conversation between the Governor's Office and Young unless voluntarily given.

Mills has hired an attorney who is looking into building a case but to-date, no lawsuit has been filed.

Mills claims when she brought the allegations to light, she was terminated from her job. She is currently looking for new employment opportunities in the Denver area and can be contacted at

Dr. Young and Mills have cut off all communication with each other.

There is no information on whether Dr. Young has hired an attorney to handle these allegations.

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