Apr 27, 2010 7:14 PM by Stephanie Collins

New technology for the Pikes Peak Library District

Most everything we buy from DVD's to clothing is tracked with Radio Frequency Identification tags, and now the Pikes Peak Library District is also jumping on board.

 RFID's make it easy to automatically scan and even hold information about items. They also provide security, "Instead of saying, they're trying to steal something, it says well they paid for three shirts but they have one thing they didn't pay for," Explains Tyson Hartshorn of New Planet Technology. 

RFID technology has actually been around since the 70's, but it's just now getting to the point where it's affordable. Because of that the pikes peak library district is adding the technology to all of it's nearly one million items. The new tags have to be added to every book, one at a time, but officials at the library say it will be worth it in the end, "This new technology and self checks that accompanies it will improve ability of patrons to check themselves out," Says Greg Ross with the Pikes Peak Library District.

The tags will allow you to scan multiple books at a time when you are checking out. The library says despite the new technology they don't plan to cut back on any of their staff. They say they will just have more time to spend with those who need assistance. 

Branches have been closed one at a time for about a week at a time while the project is completed. The library says they should be done with the tagging project by the first week of June. They still need volunteers to help with the project, if you are interested, click here to apply.


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