Mar 8, 2010 5:38 PM by News First 5

New non-profit auto repair business

"The idea behind it is to help people," says Randy Stacy one of the business partners at Repair and Share Automotive. It is a new small auto repair business on South Academy Boulevard in Colorado Springs with a unique measure of success.

It is a non-profit. Rather the making a lot money, the goal is helping people struggling to keep their car going. Customers can apply for discount billing based on their income. The business keeps prices down by shopping around for parts and working at a lower labor rate. There are some donations and they have people who volunteer at the shop

The idea has also attracted quite a few people wanting to pay full price to supplement others. "They love the pay it forward," according to partner, Brent Werner, "They love to be able to know that their money and their repairs to help somebody that's in need."

Repair & Share
1731 S. Academy Blvd.





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