Aug 10, 2011 8:17 PM by Stephanie Collins

New hybrid pedestrian beacons in the Springs

In an effort to be more efficient and make our intersections safer hybrid pedestrian beacons are being installed in Colorado Springs.

The second beacon was put up this morning at 17th St. and Colorado Ave. At the start of the year, the first one was put in by Edison Elementary on Hancock.

It almost looks like a regular traffic light, but there's a new set of signals for drivers to learn. When a pedestrian is waiting to cross the signal will flash yellow, that means be prepared to stop. Solid red means drivers need to stop and it's safe for pedestrians to cross. Finally the signal will flash red, meaning drivers can go if the crosswalk is clear. When the signal is dark, you can drive through it without stopping.

Installing these beacons saves the city money, "Instead of rebuilding those signals fully, which is a cost of about 150 to 160 thousand dollars. Were able to install this which improves safety for pedestrians at about a third of the cost," explains City Traffic Engineer, Dave Krauth.

With the beacons crashes involving pedestrians go down about 69% and vehicle crashes go down approximately 29%. To learn more about the hybrid pedestrian beacons, click here.



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