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Jun 2, 2014 5:15 PM by Meteorologist Valerie Abati

New EPA Regulations Announced Today

The Obama Administration announced today new regulations for carbon emissions. The new Environmental Protection Agency rule would cut carbon emissions from the nation's power plants by 30 percent come 2030, compared to 2005. Some say this is the biggest step any country has ever taken in reducing it's carbon emissions.

The regulation takes aim at the more than 600 coal-fired power plants across the country. Each state would be able to chose from a menu of carbon eliminating options in order to best fit the needs of each. According to a non-profit that promotes corporate sustainability, Indiana, Kentucky, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming have the highest carbon emission rates currently. Where Idaho, Oregon, Maine, Vermont and Washington have the lowest.

The EPA says the new regulations would prevent 2,700 to 6,600 premature deaths and 140,000 to 150,000 asthma attacks each year. Opponents say the new regulations would cut jobs and increase energy rates. The U-S Chamber of Commerce adding it could drop the domestic gross product by 50 billions dollars.

So far,U-S carbon emissions have fallen about 10 percent since 2005.



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