May 13, 2011 11:23 PM by Matt Stafford

New details emerge in court during 'dragging death' hearing

New details were released Friday in court in the case against Detra Farries; she's accused in the dragging death of local tow truck driver Allen Rose in February.

Farries was in court for a preliminary hearing. The proceedings are to determine if there is enough evidence to take the case to trial.

Laying out the evidence in an El Paso County courtroom, investigators took the judge back to the scene on February 23rd.

"We have a party that was pulled by a vehicle by chains on the roadway," emergency crews said over the radio.

Detectives in court recalled 71 officers from Colorado Springs Police alone responding; other agencies assisted as well.

It was a crime scene stretching for 1.4 miles beginning near Platte and Murray.

"I think I see a large blood trail," crews said over the radio. "It's going to be out here by Platte and Babcock."

Police followed a horrific path to where they found 35-year-old Allen Rose.

"I need medical, code 3. This guy's turning white, or gray."

Rose was still alive. In court, detectives say he told police that he had tried to tow a car and the person had driven off -- possibly Rose's last words.

A witness followed the car that had pulled Rose and called police.

"I think we have her here at Bridger Drive and Bridger Place," crews said back in February.

That was the first time police spoke with Farries. She was arrested a couple of days later.

The investigation continued for weeks -- trying to figure out what happened in between Rose trying to tow the vehicle and being pulled by chains from the Hill Park apartment complex.

Detectives told the court that witnesses say Rose put the cables on Farries' vehicle after it was started. They say he was seen trying to stomp on the cable, possibly to stop the vehicle, but his leg got caught as the S.U.V. drove away.

Friday's preliminary hearing wasn't finished by the end of the day. The defense still has two witnesses waiting to testify. They'll continue in ten days -- May 23rd -- marking three months since Rose's death.


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