Dec 4, 2009 1:03 PM by Nicole Vandeputte

Foster parent believes boy should have been tased

The foster father of the 10 year old boy who was tased by a Pueblo County sheriff's deputy is standing by that deputy. Daniel Biby says the deputy did a "good job," and wants the criticism to stop.

On Thursday afternoon Sheriff Kirk Taylor spoke with the media about this tasing. He provided a copy of their taser guidelines. It states that tasing a child is discouraged, except in extreme situations. Deputies say the young boy was dangerous.

Sheriff's deputies were called to the home in Pueblo West on W. Morning Glory Drive on Monday afternoon. According to the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office the boy's foster parents called 911 because he was "destroying the house and assaulting everyone."

Deputies arrived and chased the boy between a trailer and fence across the street. They say he was holding a pipe. They asked him three times to drop it. He wouldn't, and that's when he was tased. Sheriff Taylor says, "I don't expect my officers to get hit over the head with a pipe before they react, and I don't believe that the community should expect that either."

Daniel Biby, the boy's foster father, agrees. "I stood right there and witnessed the whole thing. The Sheriff's Office acted professionally, and that was like a last resort," he says.

Biby says he didn't want to give details about the incident, but says he's bothered by all the criticism against the Sheriff's Department. He says, "I don't want them getting a black eye over this. I've been reading blogs and there's a lot of people head hunting over this, and I think that's unfair."

The boy wasn't hurt, but he is facing charges of menacing with a deadly weapon. He was taken to a juvenile detention center, but now he is back in Biby's home. Biby says, "We've had some pretty neat kids in this house. We really have. Actually, he's one of them too. So no, nothing turns me off on a foster kid."

Biby says his family has been fostering kids for 8 years and they will continue to bring them into his home. He says this child will continue to get more intensive counseling.

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