Mar 6, 2014 5:53 PM by Alyse Rzemek

New campaign kicks-off to curb stoned driving

DENVER (AP) - A stoned basketball player and a backyard cook too high to realize his grill is missing a propane tank are starring in a new Colorado ad campaign to combat stoned driving.

Colorado is spending $1 million on TV ads, radio ads and posters in dispensaries to remind drivers that newly legal marijuana should be treated like alcohol and not used before driving. The money comes from a federal grant.

The "Drive High, Get a DUI" ads begin airing March 10.

The effort from the Colorado Department of Transportation comes as Colorado struggles to keep accurate statewide records on marijuana-impaired drivers. The Colorado State Patrol just started keeping track in January, when the agency recorded 31 marijuana-impaired drivers.

Washington and Colorado legalized recreational pot in 2012.


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