Aug 19, 2012 8:42 PM by Siera Santos,

Neighboring businesses concerned after deadly bar shooting

One man is dead after a bar shooting at 2 Dog Tavern early Sunday morning and neighboring employees are concerned about the safety of their customers and businesses.

When Khaled Alhadad opened the store he manages, he wasn't surprised to find out there was a shooting. Although Alhadad is friends with the owners, he says the bar continues to be detrimental to the surrounding businesses.

"Normally people will hang outside all the time. They drink a lot of alcohol. Beer bottles (are) every where," Alhadad said.

"We used to have people break in every day until we put the bars in."

Alhadad's shop, Beauty Depot Plus, isn't the only neighbor concerned. Others say fights regularly break out.

One of the 2 Dog Tavern owners says the shooting happened after hours and that they're cooperating with police.


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