Jan 15, 2010 9:57 PM by News First 5

My 719 Moms: Cutting Clutter

A new year, a new plan.

"I urge you to first set a date on the calendar," said Cari Pemberton, a certified family manager coach.  She says the key to cutting clutter is cutting to the chase.  Make a date and stick to it.

"Treat it like a real appointment," she said. "You wouldn't just stand up your doctor so hopefully you won't stand up yourself."

Next, gather supplies - garbage bags, storage containers, even lunch.   "So that it's not a big ordeal to stop everything midstream and go out to lunch and make a big lunch," she said.

Cari says you can make a big dent in a little time, especially if you recruit family or friends.  "Even if all she does is come over and chit-chat with you to take your mind off of what you're doing that could be a help."

Make short and long-term goals and reward yourself for meeting them. A winning plan deserves a prize.

You can find more tips at My 719 Moms.



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