Aug 1, 2012 6:42 PM by Andy Koen

Mud slide clean up shifts focus to mitigation

Two days after a massive mudslide damaged homes, stranded vehicles and closed US Highway 24, the focus for state and county work crews has shifted to creating as much water flow as possible through the Waldo Canyon Burn Area.

The work crews have been unplugging culverts and drainage structures all day trying to give the water somewhere to flow when the rains come.

Bob Wilson of the Colorado Department of Thave says his agency has been working with the US Geological Survey to identify area of high mud slide potential. Wilson says the crews will be stationed near the burn area all summer in anticipation of future mud slides.

In fact, there are even rain gauges installed in the forrest that can send an electronic alert to those crews when there's signifigant rainfall.

Meanwhile, the Cascade Volunteer Fire Department has been busy filling sandbags and distributing them to residents who need to shore up flood damaged areas.

Captain Bud Kreuzer says they are asking residents to call the fire department at
719-684-9549 if more sandbags are needed.

"We'd prefer to see how many go out, keep a monitor on that so it's not, so it's evenly distributed," Kreuzer said.

While property owners have been use heavy equipment to clear the debris. James Gardener has a different appraoch. He spent his morning filling a 5 gallon bucket with rocks to drop into eroded parts of his driveway. He hasn't be able to to get his car out since before the mudslide Monday.

Flood insurance is still available through Federal Emergency Management Agency, even after there's been flooding in some properties. However, those policies would only cover future losses.

The insurance is available to homeowners and renters alike at any time. Click here to read more about the program.


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