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Apr 14, 2013 11:44 PM by Tony Spehar -

Morse supporters rally in opposition to recall effort

The effort to recall State Senate President John Morse (D - Colorado Springs) continues, but on Sunday supporters rallied at Penrose Library to back Morse.

The group supporting Morse is called A Whole Lot of People for John Morse. Among those who spoke at the meeting were citizens who had worked with Morse to pass laws.

In 2011 Mike Baier said he contacted Morse with an idea for a law to improve safety after the death of tow truck driver Allen Rose who was dragged to death in Colorado Springs.

"24-hours later he had a rough bill drafted, we worked together on it and it is now a law," Baier explained. "I think nobody is committed to making our state safer than Senator Morse."

Carolyn Cathey spoke about Morse's work with the LGBT community to get a civil unions law passed and signed into law.

"I will fight tooth and nail to keep that voice of Senator Morse in our legislature," Cathey said.

Organizers of the recall effort claim Morse is ignoring the will of his constituents, their main focus is on his leadership in passing stricter gun control laws.

"To me it's completely ridiculous, we need more senators like Senator Morse," said Mike Baier.

Those who rallied in support of Morse said they believe Morse has represented the will of his constituents.

"A majority elected Senator Morse and a majority will stand for him again, he's doing exactly what the people have asked him to do," Carolyn Cathey claimed.

But those behind the campaign to recall Morse believe the opposite is true, that Morse is ignoring the will of the public.

"The gun owners of Colorado have woken up," explained Anthony Garcia with the Basic Freedom Defense Fund. "I think that they've woken up a sleeping giant truthfully."

The Basic Freedom Defense Fund and the El Paso Freedom Defense Fund are working together to gather signatures on petitions to allow a recall election to be held. On April 2 the legal language on their petition was approved and they now have less than 60-days to gather 7,178 signatures.

Leaders with A Whole Lot of People for John Morse criticized the recall effort, calling it a waste of time and money. They also claimed the effort to recall Morse is based simply on opposition to his policies and not for any valid legal reason. But, recall supporters disagree.

"Morse has broken the law, he broke the highest law in Colorado and in the United States," Garcia said. "He ignored the Constitution and the Second Amendment and his oaths for that matter."

Garcia said he was confident his group could gather the necessary signatures and defeat Morse in a recall election. But Morse supporters said the recall is doomed to fail.

"A majority put him there, a majority will stand with Senator Morse again," Carolyn Cathey claimed.

The Basic Freedom Defense Fund said residents of Colorado Springs can expect to start seeing advertising for the recall, including billboards, as their efforts to gather signatures ramp up.

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