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Aug 28, 2012 6:57 PM by Lauren Molenburg

More mammoth bones found on Iowa farm

OSKALOOSA, Iowa (AP) - Researchers are finding more mammoth bones at an Oskaloosa farm where scientists have unearthed two of the extinct beasts.

A team of scientists found the second mammoth about a week ago. Since then, more bones have been unearthed, including an upper jaw with a molar.

David Brenzel of the Indian Creek Nature Center told the Oskaloosa Herald that the jaw was on top of rest of the skull.

Brenzel says the molar is a significant find because it can be useful for radiocarbon dating.

The farm's owner, who asked not to be identified, discovered the bones about two years ago when he and his sons noticed a four-foot-long leg bone protruding from a creek bed.

The remains appear to date back about 12,000 years.

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