Dec 31, 2012 12:30 AM by Eric Ross

Monument will debate possible regulations on marijuana


Monument is considering enacting an ordinance that would allow police to regulate retail sales and open consumption of marijuana.

"This is a very conservative, small little town," resident Jason Versey said. "We like it like that."

The family-oriented atmosphere is what brought him and his four children to Monument.

However, small towns can't seen to escape big statewide issues like the passing of Amendment 64.

"I don't think it's a good thing," Versey said. "It's dangerous."

It's a belief shared by Police Chief Jake Shirk.

"It is a mind altering substance like alcohol," he said.

While there's distinct laws regarding the use of alcohol, there's a big "gap" when it comes to regulating pot.

"If someone right now smokes marijuana and gets pulled over, there's no law that can put them in jail," Versey said.

Currently, if officers see a person smoking marijuana in their car or at a public park, there's nothing they can do without passing an ordinance.

Fortunately for the police department, the state allows municipalities to make their own rules on how to regulate marijuana.
"It was brought up by some staff members and board members that we think about taking a look at prohibiting open consumption of recreational marijuana," Shirk said.
Chief Shirk will present the ordinance to the Board of Trustees during a Jan. 7 meeting.

Public input from the community is encouraged.

The ordinance only needs one vote to pass.




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