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Apr 16, 2014 11:27 PM by Jordan Mason

Monument native completes 7 marathons on 7 continents

A lot of buckets lists out there include running a marathon. Others might have something like, visit every continent.

But how many bucket lists include both?

That's exactly what Monument, Colorado native Krysten Peek just accomplished. The 2003 grad from Lewis-Palmer High School just completed her seventh marathon on seven continents.

First, it was San Diego in the U.S. Then it was the Gold Coast of Australia and Greece to check off Europe. She ran a safari marathon in South Africa and Rio de Janeiro to knock out South America. Her hardest competition was the Great Wall of China marathon.

And just last month, she finished things off in Antarctica.

Krysten lives in Los Angeles now but told me a lot of training took place in her home state of Colorado.

"If I can run 10-11 miles at altitude in Colorado, with the hills and everything, then I can definitely finish a 26.2 mile marathon in Rio de Janeiro," said Krysten. "Colorado is kind of my secret weapon."

Krysten's other secret: She says, if you commit your mind to it, your body will follow.



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