Dec 2, 2009 7:00 AM by Jeannette Hynes

Military moms weigh in on Obama's plan

Five mothers come together in Colorado Springs Tuesday night to watch President Barack Obama's speech as he outlines his plan for the fight in Afghanistan. Each of them has a son or daughter in the military. Some have more than one child serving in the Armed Forces.

They are part of Blue Star Mothers, a national group dedicated to promoting patriotism and supporting their children and each other.

Obama says 30,000 additional troops will deploy to the country in January 2010.

"Though we hate war, we have our children's lives are on the line, there's safety in numbers, so to put more numbers and more resources behind the effort is going to benefit everyone in the long run," says Tari Cofield who has two sons in the Army.

In this deployment surge, Marines likely will move first.

"For me that's a concern, because my son is trained to take care of Marines, so this will be very interesting," says Carol Dial, whose son is in the Navy and home for a few more days before heading back to Japan.

These moms agree with Obama on the strategy to send more troops and move the mission in Afghanistan forward. While an exit goal is a good idea, they say, a hard deadline is hard for them to grasp.

"Let's do it. Do it well. Get it done, but don't tell them when we're leaving," says Barbara Pagano, mother of two Air Force pilots.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are personal for these women.

"My oldest son was killed in Iraq two years ago," says Estelline Miller. "My son that I lost was vehemently believed in what he was doing and my other children do as well. Take the fight to them. Don't bring it here."


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