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Apr 17, 2013 7:00 PM by Jacqui Heinrich,

Meth house ruins local family's lives

Lonnie Chafin got the surprise of his life when he called police to report a person stealing firewood off his property- police asked why he was living in a home that had been condemned as a meth lab more than a decade before. He was given a matter of days to move his family out and leave a lifetime of now contaminated possession behind. Suddenly his recently failing health made sense; since he and his family moved into the house four years before, he sustained a stroke, renal failure, blindness in one eye, and several teeth falling out of his head. His daughter, who also lived in the home, also sustained health problems; she'd birth to a child with no small intestine who died just 23 hours after she was born. Even Lonnie's wife's health started failing; she suffered from frequent migraines and lost several teeth to abscesses. Thursday at 10:00 News 5's Jacqui Heinrich shows us how flaws in the system allowed this family to unknowingly move into the house that would soon destroy their lives.


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