Jul 22, 2011 7:06 PM by John Romero

Memorial dedicated to teen stolen

On an unassuming spot near 30th and Garden of the Gods, Sandy Eversole stands silently thinking about her son David Mueller.

Two years ago David was killed in a drunk driving accident. Since then family and friends created a roadside memorial near the spot where David died to remind others about the dangers of drunk driving.

Sandy visits the spot, where David's ashes are also scattered, often. When she drove up on Thursday she was shocked at what she found. "I could not believe what I saw. David's cross and his picture were gone." The site is virtually barren now. Two markers friends and family used to write messages to David are just about all that's left. "I started crying immediately. It was very emotional for me." she says.

Sandy isn't sure who took David's memorial. She's called all over the city with few answers. It wasn't utilities or any other city services. Sandy says she's not angry. She and her family just want the memorial back where it belongs. "We just want it returned... No questions asked. If somebody can find it in their heart, please being it back my son can rest in peace." she says.

Until then Sandy will continue to visit the spot where a lone candle still burns, wondering who could do such a thing and why. "It's absolutely like taking a piece of my child away." she explains, "We'll always come here no matter what, because this spot is David's. It always will be. But it just hurts the heart to not know."



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