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May 26, 2014 7:31 AM by Stephen Bowers

Memorial Day Weather: More Scattered Showers

Temperatures to start this Monday morning are in the 50's for most areas out of the mountains, but higher elevations have cooled into the 30's and 40's. Dewpoint temperatures, a measurement of moisture in the air, have steadily dropped over the past few days. That drop indicates decreasing moisture in the atmosphere. The air will continue drying, which will lead to a decrease in the coverage of the afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Dry air also can warm and cool faster, so afternoons will be noticeably warmer beginning tomorrow. Slow-moving low pressure is centered over southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. North of the low, the east-to-west upslope breeze will be persistent and will provide the needed upward air motion to generate more showers and thunderstorms today. Like yesterday. Like yesterday, the main focus of rain will be over and near the mountains.

Between 7 AM and 10 AM, temperatures warm into the 60's with 50's in high elevations. Showers will begin developing over the higher elevations west of I-25 by noon, and our StormCast picks up on a fair amount of shower activity along the I-25 Corridor through 2 PM, too. Most of us warm into the 70's this afternoon, which is just the start of a big warm up that will be even more noticeable tomorrow.

The drying air will not only be warmer, it will also be less favorable for the afternoon showers. Upslope winds will develop each afternoon, however, and even with the drier air in place that rising air motion should be able to generate at least a stray shower or two in the afternoons in the mountains or in areas adjacent to the mountains. The next hit of moisture comes through in the form of rain on Friday. A cold front off of the Pacific Northwest Coast this morning may tap into some deep moisture surging northward from what is now Hurricane Amanda. That could set the stage for a stormy end to the week.


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