Feb 15, 2010 7:02 AM by John Romero

Medical marijuana users speak out

With the stigma of medical marijuana use beginning to fade in Colorado, patients of the drug are beginning some out of the dark to tell their stories. We spoke to some of the patients of Pure Medical, medical marijuana dispensary in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. These people, a cross section of the community, swear by cannabis.

James, a cancer patient and architectural engineer, says he was looking for alternatives to prescription pain medication and narcotics which made him sick. "It's a preventative more than anything for the nausea." he explains, "It also helps with pain." For James, medical marijuana was a safe alternative. "It's better than getting hooked on pain pills, wasting away my liver and everything that goes along with that." he says.

Casey had his leg amputated 4 years ago after a long battle with a flesh eating virus. He too had problems with pain medication. "I had 50 surgeries on my leg done." he explains, "In that time it ended up where I couldn't take Vicodin. I couldn't take morphine. I'd stop breathing on morphine."

Mike has dealt with multiple sclerosis for a large chunk of his life. It causes his to shake terribly. "I have the tremors real bad and I have relapsing MS." For him, the medical marijuana has been key to helping him life a more normal life. "Once I do take it it clears my body and really relaxes me." he says.

Finally we come to Josh a combat veteran who served in the Marine Corps. "I slept in a dirt hole in combat for a long time and I have some back issues from that. It helps me fall asleep and stay asleep. It also helps with the pain and inflammation in my shoulder." he explains. He hopes medical marijuana dispensaries get the law behind them so he and other servicemen and women can have alternatives in their treatment. "For our veterans and the people who fought for this country in combat and gave a lot of sacrifice there should be another alternative aside from narcotics that have a whole lot of side effects."



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