Aug 13, 2014 8:48 PM by Greg Dingrando

Mayor Bach bashes regional storm water plan

COLORADO SPRINGS - Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach isn't holding anything back when it comes to the regional storm water plan.

At a news conference Wednesday he made it very clear that he is against the plan, and part of the reason is he doesn't trust some potential board members including those currently sitting on the city council.

At the press conference, the mayor came right out of the gate with some bold and strong statements on the plan.

"I do not support this. It is not in the best interest of citizens of Colorado Springs. Period!" said Bach.

Bach said the 20 year commitment is way too long, and that there's no obligation to spend any of the generated money in Colorado Springs.

"This new bureaucracy and tax does nothing to help our deteriorating streets, sidewalks and gutters," said Bach.

Bach said the city has been doing just fine on its own; something Councilman Joel Miller said is a joke.

"I think its disingenuous because I think we can all read and drive by areas and look in own backyards and realize it hasn't been," said Miller.

Then there was the issue of trust.

"I've seen enough evidence to give me cause for concern that whether or not our own city councilors will consistently represent the best interests of the citizens of Colorado Springs," said Bach.

It was a comment both County Commissioners and council members took issue with.

"That's absolutely wrong. We have interests of the city at heart. We have interests of all El Paso County at heart," said Commissioner Amy Lathen.

"That's really offensive," added Miller.

Supporters said this isn't an issue that just one city can take on, which is why they're pushing for a regional approach to help both financially and geographically, because as we see all too often what happens up stream, can also affect what's downstream.

"Regional is fundamental principal that people have demanded in this entire process. That it be regional and that we address this through the science that is water does not recognize municipal boundaries," said Lathen.

"This is a step in the right direction for city to handle the problem that is causing damage to homes, throwing cars into ditches and killing some of our citizens. We're doing something about it," said Miller.

We asked the Mayor if he's going to continue campaigning against the plan and he said he's made his feelings very clear and he'll leave at that.

But Councilman Miller fears this is just the beginning. He said press conferences like the one Wednesday are a way for the mayor to sabotage the plan.



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