Aug 14, 2014 1:13 PM by Andy Koen

Many TCAP scores dip in Pueblo City Schools

PUEBLO - Student TCAP scores in Pueblo City Schools dropped district wide this year. The test results released Thursday by the Colorado Department of Education show the number of students in Pueblo who scored either advanced or proficient in reading and writing declined over a majority of grade levels.

The scores improved in middle and high school math which is good news because it is an area of need. Most of Pueblo's 7th through 10th grader are not proficient in math and lag behind state averages.

The CDE uses the TCAP scores as part of their formula to rank districts within a five tier performance hierarchy. Pueblo City Schools has ranked as Accredited with Priority Improvement Plan, the fourth lowest accreditation category, in both 2012 and 2013.  The 2014 rankings will be released in November.

After five consecutive years at Priority Improvement, the Colorado Board of Education can intervene by enacting a district reorganization, or a district take over of one or more schools. They can also create one or more schools of innovation or close failing schools.

Superintendent Doctor Constance jones knows time is limited to stave off state intervention.

"We're entering year four as a district and we have individual schools that are at various stages of priority improvement or turn around, so we have two full years to improve and we're going to make those gains," Jones said.

She plans to use the scores to help refocus efforts to improve literacy from the student level up.

"The important key in all of this is to take a look at the individual student's performance in each of the subject areas to look at their strengths and their weaknesses because from this point forth, we have a brand new assessment," Jones said.

Part of that roll out involves buying new textbooks. The reading books in Pueblo schools are more than a decade old.

"We're going to focus on approaching new instructional materials for reading and writing and then we adopted new materials last year before I got here they adopted new math materials."

Jones also plans to give principals and teacher the tools and training they need to ramp up achievement. The table below outlines proficiency percentages by grade level.

Pueblo City School 2014 TCAP Advanced/Proficiency Percentages by Grade Level

Grade  2013 Reading  2014 Reading  Change  2013 Writing  2014 Writing  Change  2013 Math  2014 Math  Change
3rd 74.56 70.92 -3.64 46.92 47.59 +0.66 67.78 66.54


4th 63.66 60.29 -3.36 47.16 44.02 -3.14 61.88 61.66 -0.22
5th 66.47 62.26 -4.20 49.33 45.33 -4.07 55.46 50.47 -4.99
6th 60.50 60.51 -6.00 46.99 43.06 -3.93 47.27 42.90 -4.37
7th 55.58 54.96 -0.63 47.97 46.03 -1.94 31.90 31.96 +0.06
8th  56.44 50.62 -5.82 43.14 41.52 -1.62 28.50 31.13 +2.63
9th 62.37 57.43 -4.94 46.66 42.73 -3.92 19.67 21.04 +1.38
10th 59.34 60.90 +1.56 39.27 38.23 -1.05 14.00 15.08 +1.80

View the full statewide results here.


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