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Aug 13, 2013 12:47 AM by Tony Spehar -

Manitou Springs residents press on with clean up despite another round of flooding

Heavy rain and hail spurred another round of flash flooding in Manitou Springs on Monday afternoon, thankfully though the level of flooding was nowhere near that of the deadly and destructive flood on Friday.

As water rushed down from the mountains dozens of people gathered to watch Fountain Creek in downtown Manitou Springs, nervously watching to see whether Adam's Mountain Cafe, one of the businesses that suffered the worst damage on Friday, would be hit again.

"My heart really goes out to these folks they lost everything," said Lynn Kent, who owns a neighboring shop. "We fared pretty well, we got mud in our store, shoveled it out, we've been helping people."

Once the storm passed, people around Manitou went back to helping one another. At the intersection of Manitou and Canon Avenues Kitty Nelson and her friends loaded a truck with various items gathered from the basement of Charles Rockey's art studio. Rockey is a legendary artist who has been painting applauded landscapes for years.

"He's everything that Manitou Springs is, he's a legend," Kitty Nelson explained. "A living legend, especially here in Manitou."

What could be salvaged from Rockey's basement has been moved outside, exposed to the weather. Paintings, picture frames and various antiques covered the small median at the intersection. Throughout his decades living in Manitou Springs Rockey said he'd seen many disasters, but was proud that the town had always shown a community spirit in recovering.

"I got some good friends in town, but not just me, the whole town is like a friendship town," Rockey described. "Everybody comes to help each other."

As the storm left Manitou Springs a rainbow appeared, Rockey said people should take it as a positive sign in a time of heartache.

"The message for that is there's hope," he said pointing to the sky.

There was good news released by authorities on Monday, the last person who was reported missing after Friday's flood was found safe.



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