Dec 26, 2013 10:06 PM

Manitou Fruitcake Toss Cancelled

A Manitou Springs tradition that would have celebrated its 20th year, has now been cancelled. The annual "Fruitcake Toss" will not happen this year in Manitou, mostly to a decline in sponsors. 

The Manitou Springs City of Commerce says the change of venue, the lack of sponsors and the unpredictability of the weather all played a part in the cancellation. Local business owners say it's disappointing for them because it is an event that would normally bring them business. 

"It's upsetting because so many people have come to associate the fruit toss with Manitou Springs and I would think we would want to encourage people to come to the city." says Ron Doak, manager of Manitou Outpost and Gallery. 

The Chamber of Commerce says sponsors dropped out because they were worried about people not showing up to the event. Tourism has been down since the natural disasters over the last year, and it is affecting the city in many different ways. 

Manitou Springs says they are unsure whether or not they will have the toss in coming years, much will depend on the economy and whether they get their sponsors back on board. 


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