Jun 10, 2012 12:55 AM by Alyse Rzemek

Man arrested for DUI in wheel chair

A Michigan man is arrested on suspicion of dui while driving a motorized wheel chair and it's caught on tape.
Dash cam video shows Utica police pulling over 55 year-old Raymond kulma on May 27th. The suspect was not even behind the wheel of a car, he was on a motorized wheelchair that was allegedly stolen. Police say Kulma's blood alcohol contest was .241, three times the legal limit. The wheelchair belongs to his neighbor James Konkel who lives in the same complex. The two got into a heated argument and when police arrived, Kulma was driving the wheelchair down the road. The incident is something Kulma's neighbor ever expected, Konkel said "I never thought someone would steal my chair, that's why I left it outside." Police say Kulma has a history of drunk driving arrests.

This was his seventh operating while under the influence charge, dating back to 1984.



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