Jan 31, 2010 10:48 PM by Matt Stafford

Looking for FREX alternatives

With the Front Range Express, also known as FREX, stopping service next month, several people, like Denise Rodriguez, are looking for another ride north. She's attending college in Denver, and the added stress doesn't help.

"There's only so much stress a college student can take before they start to crack under pressure," says Rodriguez, who has about a year left of school. She and other students aren't sure how they will handle transportation for a whole year. Even so, she still plans on making the trip.

"It's worth it when I can further my education and get ahead in life," Rodriguez explains.

All of the travelers have their own reasons for the commute.

Hilda Challender has two kids, one in college and one on the way. That makes budgeting tough, and her job very important.

From her co-workers, she knows the stopping of the FREX service has been tough on many. It's big news in her building.

"It's already kind of like the talk right now," Challender says.

Now she's helping form a group to vanpool people to-and-from the city.

"We're trying to get it as close as possible to their scheduled work time," Challender explains while looking at all of the times people are saying they need to be in the city.

Timing, availability and cost are key to the vanpool idea.

A meeting last week brought the numbers of those interested up. The more that sign up, the cheaper the trip is and easier it is to schedule.

The discounted travel is something Hilda says she can't do without. She's had trouble finding a job closer to home.

"I don't want to be on the unemployment line. It will be difficult for us and not having a job, and when we have family to take care of," says Challender.

For Rodriguez, she has a similar need for a different reason.

"I'm willing to pay the money for a ticket, and it makes it so much easier having a peace of mind that I don't have to worry about transportation," says Rodriguez.

If you would like to find out more information, contact Hilda Challender.  Her number is (719) 440-8697, or you can reach her by email at


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