Sep 23, 2009 5:40 PM by Elaine Sheridan

Lone Llama

People traveling to the top of Pikes Peak have been seeing something white and we aren’t talking about snow. 

For about a month now tourists and workers on the Peak have been seeing a white llama.  The llama has been seen daily about 1000 feet from the summit and he has started hanging out with the native Bighorn Sheep in the area.  Workers with the Pikes Peak Cog Railway say the lone llama seems pretty friendly and walks up to the train when it is full of people and sometimes follows the train for about a mile.  Rangers with the Pikes Peak Highway have attempted to catch the llama, and they say they can get close, but when they reach for the animal, he lopes off.  

Now some members of a local llama club are hoping the weather will cooperate for them to get together this weekend and catch the animal.   They say that pictures of the Llama show that he hasn’t been in the wild very long because he has been shaved and groomed, and while llamas are native to the Andes, this domestic animal might have a hard time surviving the harsh Pikes Peak winter. 

It is not known how the animal managed to find his way to the summit, but the animal seems pretty content hanging out with the sheep and the tourists. 



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