Aug 19, 2014 11:29 PM by Matt Prichard

Locals weigh-in on City for Champions

Those with City for Champions letting the public have their say Tuesday, opening up the floor to ideas and looking for input on how to round out this mammoth project.

"We purposely put this together to be a collaborative exchange of ideas with a larger group of people that may have not attended those particular meetings and have an interest in knowing more about City for Champions, and sharing their voice," said City for Champions spokeswoman, Laura Neumann.

The room flooded with folks looking to do just that, and amongst all the questions, one in particular kept coming up.

"I think the biggest questions are clarifying who's going to pay the bill, and what's our real return on all of this," said 12-year Colorado Springs resident, Paul Klahn.

For Laura Neumann though that's a $250-million-dollar question that City for Champions developers can't answer at the moment, no matter how many times it's asked.

"That in particular is causing people to raise their hand, know more, want to understand if this may involve their taxes, which is way at the bottom of the list I might add. But they just want to be able to have a voice in that regard," said Neumann.

Either-way, the jury seems out in Colorado Springs as people remain divided on how much good this would really do.

"I understand that they went into the room, and they made the best possible deal for us to help us move forward. And that's the thing, we need to stop spinning our wheels, come up with the best possible solutions, and just move forward," said 40-year Colorado Springs resident, Tony Rose.

"I'm interested in it, I like the concept. I've gone from an opponent, to I think I'm going to be a supporter. But I want to be convinced yet," said Klahn.

This story is ongoing and we will keep you updated as more details become available.



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