Oct 25, 2012 7:38 PM by Andy Koen

Local teens encourage classmates to drive safely

A pair of local high school students have a powerful message for their classmate about safe driving. Jessica Van Bueren and Jennifer Randall spent their summer putting together a PowerPoint presentation on distracted driving as part of a project for the DECA club at Liberty High School.

They spoke candidly with their classmates during an assembly Wednesday about texting and driving, drunk driving, and Colorado's restriction for teen drivers from having underage passengers in the vehicle with them.

"A lot of the kids in their feedback said they wouldn't text and drive any more and they wouldn't be under the influence at all," Van Bueren said.

"We were expecting the kids to be kind of rowdy during it, they didn't want to be there, but they were actually really quite, they paid attention," Randall said. "(For) a lot of people, it had hit them close."

To prove how distracting texting is, they had a student send and receive message on his phone while they threw balls at him. They also had the students take turns wearing "beer goggles" while trying to shoot hoops.

After the assembly, more than a hundred of their classmates signed a poster pledging not to text and drive.

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    Jennifer Randall (left) and Jessica Van Bueren (top) unroll a poster signed by classmates who pledged to not text and drive
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