Jan 24, 2011 7:26 PM by Stephanie Collins

Local square dance caller nominated for multiple awards

Square dancing is "fun put to music," that's what Debbie Steinkirchner says, she's a local square dance caller that's recently been nominated for three Ozzie Awards.

The Ozzies are like the Grammys for square dancing. Debbie's nominated for Best Female Singer, Best Overall Female Caller and Best Female Patter Caller. Steinkirchner explains that a patter part is when you call out whatever moves come to you, and the dancers don't know what's coming next.

Debbie's always enjoyed singing, but says square dance calling is much more than that," What you're actually doing is controlling a floor of people. If I mess up, then it messes them all up too," she explains.

Debbie's husband Ron is lovingly called the "caller hauler" because he makes sure Debbie gets to her dances. He says her voice is one of the reasons she's a great caller, "With her voice it just makes it a pleasure, and that's why she's up for some of these awards."

Debbie says she's learned most of what she knows from fellow caller Jeff Palmer, a long time square dance caller in Colorado Springs. Debbie is the only caller in Colorado to be nominated for the first ever Ozzie Awards. The awards are in April; you can vote for Debbie online and help her win by clicking here.



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