Nov 20, 2012 9:03 PM by Jennifer Horbelt

Local second grader helping Hurricane Sandy victims

PUEBLO, CO- He may be little, but he's got a big heart.

One local second grader saw the damage, destruction and struggles along the East Coast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and decided he wanted to do something to help. Now, his idea has become a school-wide project of sorts at Morton Elementary in Pueblo that students and parents alike are taking part in.

"That made me feel sad," said D.J. Harvey of the damage he saw on the news from the East Coast.

It may be thousands of miles away, but right here in the hallways of Morton Elementary it's having a big impact on little kids like D.J.

"I saw what happened, and I said I have to do a fundraiser. I have to help," said D.J.

"So, he put his little proposal together, and presented it to Mrs. Townsend and I," Principal Floyd Gallegos said.

Now the idea has taken off!

"He's pretty driven," said Gallegos. "He knows his little spiel, and he's very focused and articulate."

"We are raising money by me going on the announcements every day," D.J. said.

It's working. Every day the empty water bottle in the front office gets fuller with change to help Sandy victims.

"Please ask your classroom to donate spare change and turn it into the office," read D.J. on the intercom.

D.J. is definitely known for his personality.

"He's a little ham," said Gallegos, with a laugh.

He's also known as the ham with a heart.

"My goal is $100,000," D.J. said.

If he doesn't meet that huge goal, it's ok with him.

"I'm still very proud, because every little bit helps," said D.J.

As part of his proposal, D.J. plans to donate all the money to the mayor of New York City to use as needed for relief efforts. While students, parents and teachers are helping to add to the growing amount, Gallegos says a local bank also plans to help D.J. in his efforts.

If you would like to help, click here for information on how to contact Morton Elementary.


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