Jan 26, 2011 12:01 AM by John Romero

Local radio show causing controversy

A Colorado Springs radio station has stirred quite a controversy in the Native American community. Skuya Fasthorse, a Lakota Sioux was listening to the George McFly Experience, the Monday morning radio show on Magic KKMG 98.9 Magic FM. The topic of discussion on Monday was Native American names. "They were talking about it and kind of laughing about the names that they were given," says Fasthorse.

Fasthorse was furious over what she heard. "Immediately my senses went up and I thought this is wrong. This is wrong for them to be making fun of native names."  She says "It made me mad ... It hurt." 

A slew of angry listeners took to Magic FM's Facebook account to protest the radio show.  Those posts have since been taken off the station's page.  Fasthorse says Natives go through sacred ceremonies to receive their spiritual names and those names are very dear to them. "It's very sacred to us," she says. "We don't go and make it public. We don't make fun of that."

Fasthorse has filed a formal complaint with the FCC.

For balanced coverage, we tried to get an on camera interview with Bobby Irwin, the Operations Manager for Citadel Stations in Colorado Springs.  He declined the request, instead releasing a statement that reads, "I've had the chance to review all of the recent interaction on the show. And I can tell you that there was no intent to disrespect Native Americans or their culture. I believe someone heard a small piece of an interaction on the show and simply made an assumption."

Fasthorse and others have asked Magic FM to issue and apology. So far that apology hasn't happened.



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