Oct 5, 2011 7:39 PM by Dr. Anya Winslow

Local professor has connection to Nobel Prize

Tuesday was a big day for one Colorado College professor. He was part of a team of researchers who worked with Saul Perlmutter, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics.

Professor Shane Burns was all smiles at a picnic today hosted by the Colorado College Physics Department honoring his accomplishment. Burns was presented with a grand cake depicting little bit of "Big Bang" science on its top.

Burns is one of a small group of people, including Perlmutter, who embarked on the body of work that resulted in the 1998 discovery of the accelerating expansion of the universe. Since the inception of the project, which was back in 1989, known as the Supernova Cosmology Project, Burns, Perlmutter and others in the group have continued to make advancements.

Burns has been a teacher at Colorado College since 2000, lives in Colorado Springs with his two children and wife, Stormy, a staff assistant in the music department.

NOTE: Supernovae are massive exploding stars.



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