Nov 23, 2009 7:04 AM by Matt Stafford

Local group makes a big rescue

A Southern Colorado group has been rescuing dogs from puppy mills for the past couple of years.

The kennels at National Mill Dog Rescue usually stay pretty full.

Many of the pups, there now, are part of 51 dogs rescued from two closing breeding companies in Missouri. Many times a company is closed because of poor treatment of the animals.

Darrell Rhodes came to the National Mill Dog Rescue two years ago just to check it out.

"Since that day I've been stuck," says Rhodes.

The same goes for many of the volunteers of this non-profit.

"I think this is the greatest thing since water, and I love helping the animals," explains Annette Nichols, volunteer and lead groomer.

Another volunteer, Stephanie Richter, says she has one reason she helps out, "Just the love of the animals. What they go through is so horrible."

"We need quite a few, we have over 400 volunteers in our base," says Kim Lehmann, a volunteer in charge of volunteer coordination.

Several volunteers showed up Sunday to welcome in the 51 new dogs, which need a lot of work. However, there are many more out there.

"We could get a thousand dogs tomorrow, if we had a place for them and a means to move them," Rhodes says.

That's a tough though for Rhodes to take in.

"It's sad, I mean there's no sense in getting mad about it, that doesn't do any good," Rhodes explains. "We just do the best we can and save the ones that we can save, and try not to think about the others."

However, one small miracle at a time keeps them focused on their mission.

The National Mill Dog Rescue helps with adoptions and is always in need of volunteers.

Click here to see the National Mill Dog Rescue website.


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