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Apr 26, 2012 9:27 AM by Jennifer Horbelt

Local dentist argues x-ray cancer link study is flawed

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO- A new study released by the American Cancer Society earlier this month links brain cancer to dental x-rays, but one local dentist says the study is flawed and that x-rays are safer than ever before.

Yale University researcher talked to 1,400 meningioma patients. Meningioma is a non-malignant type of brain cancer. Researchers asked those patients about their dental x-ray history, then compared it to a similar group of people without meningioma.

Those with meningioma were twice as likely to have reported receiving a 'bite-wing' x-ray at least once a year since childhood.

Dr. Fred Guerra, with Guerra Dentistry in Colorado Springs, says the study is flawed for several reasons. One of them, that the study participants were only asked about the frequency of x-rays as children. Their charts were not reviewed. He adds that dental x-rays today are much safer.

"The digital x-rays that we use and a great many of the dentists use are digital x-rays, and they probably have 1/10th the radiation of the old conventional speed films," Dr. Guerra said.

Dr. Guerra says if you're concerned about getting an x-ray, whether it be dental or for another reason, don't hesitate to ask your dentist or doctor why the x-ray is necessary.

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