Mar 14, 2013 12:13 AM by Annie Snead

Local businesses feeling the effects of sequestration

More fallout from sequestration. Just today, dozens of federal employees waited for almost an hour to get into a DC building because other entrances were closed due to the budget cuts and we're already feeling the effects here in southern Colorado.
"There's a lot of companies I know in the area that are looking at moving out of the defense business and looking into moving into other areas and some companies will not survive," Alison Brown.
Brown is seeing the impact firsthand.
She's chair of the business group: the National Defense Industrial Association and president of NAVSYS corporation, a local engineering company that specializes in GPS design.
They've done contract work with the Navy and Army.
She says they saw the signs a year ago, as sequestration loomed.
"Contracts we'd think would happen in six months, a year later we still hadn't actually received the contract even though we had been told we'd been selected for the award," she said.
She worries the D.O.D's cost-cutting measures will have a devastating effect on the local community, with so many Springs professionals working for the government.
"Imagine you're suddenly told that you're going from a five day work week to four day work week. How do you balance your budget on a personal level and this is happening to literally thousands of people in the community because we have so many people who live here who support the Army the Airforce and all of them are being impacted," she said.
Some on Capitol Hill say the cuts are being exaggerated.
"Does anybody in this country believe that our federal government is so efficient and so effective that we cannot afford to trim two pennies out of every dollar?" said Rep. Luke Messer (R), Indiana.
Still, brown hopes the bickering between parties will stop.
"This problem is solvable we've just got to get beyond this bi-partisan bi-polar view
we need a solution moving forward for the country and we need it for the community," she added.
President Obama is meeting with Republicans tomorrow, the third time this week, in hopes of reaching a deal on spending and spending cuts for the coming fiscal year.


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